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Celebrating Life's Victories

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Neurological Consultations with a Personal Touch

Expeditious & Accurate Care.

Holistic Approach to Healing

Hi, I am Dr. Sean Hubbard. I have been practicing medicine since 1996. As a holistic physician, I have truly become convinced of the human body’s capacity to heal. My role, as your physician, is to support you, as we discover the circumstances that best allow that healing process to take place.

Dr. Sean Hubbard
Dr. Sean Hubbard

Personal Touch to Neurology

As each and every person has his/her own dreams and desires, I feel it is my role, as your physician, to understand them, in order to find therapeutic approaches which seem most effective. Anything less seems, not only short-sighted, but incomplete. How can we “treat” the body, and ignore the mind?

Read about such real-life scenarios and more in my books.


All of my endeavors are motivated by the ideas that our lives are supposed to be fun and exciting adventures, during which we discover our powers to heal, grow, and enjoy one another. I deeply believe the possibilities and opportunities to enjoy amazing function and performance are infinite - if we allow ourselves to imagine... Therefore, I have developed several applications for connecting & celebrating one another. Enjoy!

Dr. Sean Hubbard
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