The Winner's Circle - Dr Alaukik Bhasin - IS ANYONE LISTENING?

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Mental Health & Performance

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IS ANYONE LISTENING TO ANYONE? Dr. Aluakik Bhasin joined us in The Winner's Circle, to explain why we create & share rumors & conspiracies under duress. Aside from the major types of stress, we have been enduring, there are other aspects of the moment, which make us more likely to have difficulty considering differing opinions, sharing and exchanging opinions, even when it's for the good of overall society. According to Dr. Bhasin, there are some approaches, which we can take, to make our exchanges more fruitful and effective - listen in and share to others, who may benefit. As we begin to learn how to communicate effectively with those around us, our relationships will improve, we'll decrease the sense of isolation in our community, and the healthiness of our society will be better for it! Thanks for listening! #KeepWinning🙏🏾❤️🙌🏾🌟

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