The Winner's Circle - Connie Lam - Certified Theta Healer

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Mental Health & Performance

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A TIME FOR HEALING Considering the times, Dr. Sean called upon his friend of many years, Connie Lam, asking her for how men, women, boys, and girls can begin a process of healing. Connie, a Certified Theta Healer, as usual, provided fantastic and universal pearls on human personal growth. She educated us on the symptoms and discomforts, which may serve as indicators, for when we can benefit from emotional healing... In Connie's ever-calming manner, she'll leave you searching through your emotional inventory for outdated ideas, which may not be serving you, as they may have previously. Finally, Connie provided some personal experiences, that we may understand the very refreshing feeling of renewing, associated with healing and personal growth. As you listen, you witness the generosity of her spirit - a true gift!!! I highly recommend following Connie, particularly if yours is a tendency for anxiety, restlessness, hurt. Also, check out her Journal on Amazon! #KeepWinning 🙏🏾❤️🙌🏾

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Jan 7, 2021



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