The Winner's Circle - Dr. Dharma - WE ALL WANT HEALTH!

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Mental Health & Performance

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WE ALL WANT TO BE HEALTHY! Most everyone CAN improve his/her health; sometimes it takes taking creative approaches; sometimes, it takes having a health promotional doctor... In this interview, Dr. Chrisette Dharmagunaratna (Dr. Dharma, for short) shares her common sensical and seasoned style of engaging her patients and keeping them interested in making progress. She shares how, by her own example, she harnesses social media to show the what's possible. Furthermore, Dr. Dharma has a patient population with variety - a true slice of America. She talks about the style of communication she has crafted, borne out of the desire to provide helpful and timely guidance to her patients. Listen closely to the information shared in this video - you'll clearly find it directional. Like and share this video. Follow us weekly as we continue the conversation on how we can #KeepWinning🙏🏾❤️🙌🏾🌟

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