You got this!! You've got plans on achieving a desired weight; you'll continue along the journey, breaking up your massive winning into smaller victories. You know that as you produce ever-visible results, your rewards will propagate and your resolve will strengthen that much further. You have the will - here's one plausible way as you go forward.


You have the support of a positive, motivated, spirited group within Team Fusion; post pictures, when able and document your progress once weekly on the your personal Facebook page. For a person with a goal of losing 50 pounds; consider using 10 pounds as your initial short-term goal. Let's say you lose 2 pounds the first week; document with "2 down and 8 to go. #iamwinning. Tag me in your status update. Congratulations!!! Way to go!! Let us know if you're going in (after celebrating) for another 10-pound increment of progress. Further, if you help several of your friends to enroll, you will, not only receive your Kyani products for free, you'll earn commission!!


Participate in routine physical fitness activities. 20-30 minutes of walking or jogging several times weekly is all you need to keep your metabolic engine stimulated. Keep the practice simple - no fancy equipment needed. Stretch those muscles first and at completion. You might increase the vigor or slightly change your routine, at times to keep it interesting. You're moving and well on your way to victory!!


For a great many people, this approach will be ideal, coupled with plenty of water, a nutrient not displayed below. The overall approach is to restrict calories without restricting precious necessary nutrients. Each person will begin the program with unique metabolic needs, so results will vary. Use Kyani SUNRISE daily in the morning, Kyani SUNSET 3 tabs each evening, and Kyani Nitro Fx (or Extreme) three times daily.


Breakfast - 190 cal.

Breakfast - 190 cal.

Bran Cereal 3/4 cup
Fat Free Milk 1/2 cup
Blueberries (20) or Strawberries (5)
Snack - 100 cal.

Snack - 100 cal.

Banana or Apple
Lunch - 250 cal.

Lunch - 250 cal.

Salad with hard boiled egg, tuna or lean meat
- OR-
Sandwich with low calorie bread or pita pocket.
Lean meat, lettuce, tomato, spread.
Snack - 100 cal.

Snack - 100 cal.

Yogurt with nuts
Dinner - 360 cals.

Dinner - 360 cals.

Mixed Vegetables (1/2 plate at least)
Lean Meat or beans
The rigors of modern-living call for us to bring our best game on a frequent basis, don't you think. So, one of life's fundamental decisions is whether we seek to rise to the occasion or not, as this is a choice.

Regularly rising to the occasion calls for regularly improving one's game.

When I considered things from this angle, I knew I should be taking a multivitamin. I had already made healthy eating a habit; now I needed to find a high-quality source for making sure I met my vitamins & minerals needs in order to approach my life's best work.

I discovered Kyani - the more I experienced the products and the company, the more I became impressed. The convenience caught my attention, right off the bat, I found the SUNRISE such a rich representation of water-solubles in a 1-oz packet; ready to drink - no mixing required!

I was impressed with the SUNSET, for its combination of fat-solubles & omegas in three small pills nightly. Prior, I had taken and given up on other omega-3 fatty acids from other companies because they were too big, tasted terrible, and left me bloated.

The Nitro products became "the hook" for me... Supplements, in general, had never made me feel different, per se' - I wasn't even taking them to feel different - I just wanted to make sure I was meeting my nutritional needs. However, I did receive a boost with Nitro-Fx & Nitro Extreme; they decreased general soreness and left me feeling more daily energetic and more focused.

The next question became whether I would remain a consumer and just purchase these products monthly - I would have been happy with that - my target had been achieved (to find a high-quality supplement and make sure I was getting a robust supply of vitamins & minerals). I chose to become a distributor, as it offered me more options and flexibility down the road.

It became clear that with a product this good and a company with such a clear vision, that I would one day, have the dilemma of continuing to practice as a physician or practicing health promotion in a more global way - my passion in life!

The rest is history!!

If you wish to check out our products first, CLICK HERE


If you wish to improve your game, enhance health, and add more flexibility to life, so that you can pursue your passions as have I, proceed as follows:

1. Download the "TeamFusion" App
2. Enter as Guest
3. Choose become a "member of the team"
4. Enter "keepwinning" where directed
5. Choose the "Business Builders" Pack
6. You will need to choose YOUR site name (for example "willjones" for William Jones)
7. Enter SSN where asks for TIN
8. Follow prompts to completion
9. Check your email for how to get started
10. Congratulations!! You're on the team - welcome to an exciting venture!!

Were you recently hospitalized for a heart attack, stroke, or TIA?

Join us as we discuss not only reducing the risk of having another event, but also how you can achieve the next level of health.

You want new results - come and gain a new perspective on these very common health conditions in our community. Join a group of others who are also looking for ways to win. Let's cheer each other on and celebrate one another's victory.


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  • Stress Management
  • Community
  • Creativity


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