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The rigors of modern-living call for us to bring our best game on a frequent basis, don't you think. So, one of life's fundamental decisions is whether we seek to rise to the occasion or not, as this is a choice.

Regularly rising to the occasion calls for regularly improving one's game.

When I considered things from this angle, I knew I should be taking a multivitamin. I had already made healthy eating a habit; now I needed to find a high-quality source for making sure I met my vitamins & minerals needs in order to approach my life's best work.

I discovered Kyani - the more I experienced the products and the company, the more I became impressed. The convenience caught my attention, right off the bat, I found the SUNRISE such a rich representation of water-solubles in a 1-oz packet; ready to drink - no mixing required!

I was impressed with the SUNSET, for its combination of fat-solubles & omegas in three small pills nightly. Prior, I had taken and given up on other omega-3 fatty acids from other companies because they were too big, tasted terrible, and left me bloated.

The Nitro products became "the hook" for me... Supplements, in general, had never made me feel different, per se' - I wasn't even taking them to feel different - I just wanted to make sure I was meeting my nutritional needs. However, I did receive a boost with Nitro-Fx & Nitro Extreme; they decreased general soreness and left me feeling more daily energetic and more focused.

The next question became whether I would remain a consumer and just purchase these products monthly - I would have been happy with that - my target had been achieved (to find a high-quality supplement and make sure I was getting a robust supply of vitamins & minerals). I chose to become a distributor, as it offered me more options and flexibility down the road.

It became clear that with a product this good and a company with such a clear vision, that I would one day, have the dilemma of continuing to practice as a physician or practicing health promotion in a more global way - my passion in life!

The rest is history!!

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